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Give us this day our daily bread

This unity state, called “Stillness,”or “Eternal Peace,” means the mind becomes one with the Unmoving Seer, or Self, or Light of the World.

Changing the Mind

When we turn to this light, we can no longer see the shadow world of ego, struggling, scarcity, envy and greed.

Survival Solutions

Health is the measure of what counts in our personal, community, and species relationships.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Readers, you simply must check out “Dunston Baby Language.” Back in January 2008, Oprah presented a most extraordinary woman, Pricilla...

What’s in a Word? is high time homo sapiens dealt with some incomprehensible gaps in self-awareness.

Quantum Honey-Dos

He’s out there thrashing weeds only because some neighbor’s loudly claiming any theory is existentially useless if not supported by appropri

Thought Struck

So, to gain control over the thought forms and change them as they want, is to master the outside world as well.

Breaking the Laws of Physics

Ok. So last week we ended with the hot button question “Who is liable when someone is struck by a thought?” It’s a timely question. If...

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