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Digging into the Finer Stuff

In the last episode I visited a local glyphosate-free apiary down in Ozark County. One happy event led to another and my thinking soon wandered from honey to the biological storage of information to the frantic search for so-called ‘dark matter.’

It’s time to be alarmed, people. This December’s issue of Discover magazine (“Science for the curious”) says that the so-called ‘glue’ of the universe is missing. Absolutely no one knows what dark matter is, where it comes from, or why. Much less face the hidden user fees and interest rates we’re being charged.

But the word’s out that science needs our help finding dark matter. Even though these’re the exact same people hogging the toys and attention, we know it’s our civic duty to root for such physics as our robot overlords will permit. So I stopped at Walmart on the way home and looked at their glue.

The Dark Matter Derby is a race to come up with a Unified Theory of Everything, from the grandest scale of the universe to the tiniest subatomic particles. As I pulled into the lot I’m thinking “Does a Thottbot have measurable mass?”

That’s when the reflection of an American flag on the fender of a brand new blue pickup caught my eye. An equally shiny red truck sat next to it with the actual flag waving on the antenna. A veritable borealis of country bling flared above the primordial dust tones of my ancient Econoliner as I eased into a parking space.

Blue’s flag image appeared to be about a fourth the size of the actual one, as such, that graced red’s antenna. And we all know that a figure in a mirror appears smaller than the original on a convex surface, like a fender.

On a concave mirror, the image will be bigger, depending on your distance from the mirror. Men and women use different mirrors to look at everything, of course, so that covers this Medium’s story at Walmart and I’m sticking to it.

Thus, when it came time for me to back out, I saw the reflection of red’s flag moving upon blue’s fender. But what happened next was not as expected, not a gradual diminishment of the reflected (angular) size of the flag. Nope. As I departed, the reflection began to slide along the stationary fender, flash-collapsed to a point, then raced away for a short distance and just disappeared.

It jumped out of my cognitive reality because the fender’s curved surface curved yet again into a wholly different shape. That’s when I realized that physicists don’t need to look for just more bunches of matter and more gravity. They need to add other interfaces and curves to get their observations straight.

And there’s another thing. The flag’s reflected image performed exactly like a hovering UFO that suddenly accelerates, changes direction at impossible speeds, and then just disappears. This is also how a body of information messes with inquiring minds every time some exo-planet tourist barges in and time-distorts our space. Then we’re stuck, without a by-your-leave, with highly localized curves in our perceived reality. Rock art indicates it’s been an irritant for centuries.

We are all clamoring for an equation of the kind E=mc˄2, one that relates information and energy, where ˄ represents the act of observing. That’s not just for each incident, but also for taking to the cosmological scale. To make ˄’s value infinite, as in our concepts of omniscient and omnipresent, would involve at least two types of matter to work. Thought itself is made of a finer kind of matter.

Why? The notion of two conjoining material paradigms, with one set of operational parameters for things perceived “inside,” connected to a set for things “outside,” is necessary for meaning itself. There are numerous proofs of this statement, but for now I’ll just quote Goethe “Nature has neither core nor skin: she’s both at once outside and in.” If our task is to make sense of physical reality we must include a biological component to our investigation.

One species of matter constitutes the exogenous world as perceived through our senses. A species of finer matter operates as the quantum level and generates all our organs and the products we call “mind.” The ongoing entanglement of both materials is behind all life’s expression in new forms in an otherwise unknowable universe. This search already affects “what’s in your wallet’ right now.

For example, and literally as I’m writing this, the TV says the Deep State is dedicating its new Geophysical MASINT facility in St. Louis (US $1.7 billion). This branch of Measurement and Significant Intelligence is said to involve “technically derived info that detects, tracks, identifies, or describes the distinct characteristics of fixed or dynamic target sources.”

Lest the glow of our President’s new Space Branch reflect on mostly dim and uncomprehending eyes, MASINT is also helpfully focused on exo-phenomena transmitted through the earth’s ground, water, atmosphere, manmade and alien structures. Included is info gleaned from emitted or reflected vibrations, pressure waves, or magnetic field or ionosphere disturbances.

The mathematical formula for actual time-jumping, where (t) is easily derived from the speed of light in Einstein’s familiar E=MC2, has been pursued concurrently, albeit secretly, alongside the race to create snazzier atomic bombs. Since the scientists involved already bear a highly conflicted sense of human priorities, they’ve agreed long ago that the less we know about all this, the better.

Another fine MASINT acronym is called MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector). This refers specifically to magnetometers used to detect submarines, or track alien space craft, where magnetic moment displacement is ostensibly the main disturbance. Our UFO visitors are detectable, like Soviet all-titanium subs, even when oriented parallel to the Earth’s Magnetic field. At least it’s something.

But the military, one would hope, wants far more than just detecting deviations in the Earth’s magnetic field. If this was my MASINT facility I’d be tooling around with the long-range electric and electromagnetic forms that accompany the breach of the so-called time barrier. I’d imagine an electric field set-up that subsequently conducts itself regardless of variations of the physical environment. That’s so it can travel equally well through air, water and space. Just sayin.’

This is one of the five signature performance features of alien craft. A listing of these features, all of which seem to violate the second law of thermodynamics, but don’t really when you have two material paradigms, will come later. Plus we can make guesses at a few they may be currently missing. In any case, UFO phenomena cannot be determined by a quantum statistical approach, as currently taught, any better than those made by classical theory. The important questions are not primarily empirical ones, but conceptual.

A two matter theory- one comprising the gross physical world and the other as finer quantum level stuff of the mind- changes everything. Two types of matter would end a great deal of confusion about the measuring of “impossible” macroscopic properties of alien technology. And what if the higher powers we see in UFOs are extrapolations of our own latent bio-capabilities?

A battle is raging. Will a carbon-based intelligence remain natural to humans? Will we keep our ecology balanced as a proof of actual, higher intelligence? Or has the allure of silicon-based intelligence already passed the point of no return?

There’s urgency behind the physicists’ cry for help. If we don’t recognize what’s what, our branch of human history is all but toast. That’s why finding this missing glue now extends to recreational thinkers of all stripes. I, for one, am starting at the simplest level of complexity we can assume for these two different kinds of matter. Make them identical except that matter in the A2 (as visible cosmos) exists in an incompressionable state while A1 (quantum matter as mental space) does not.

The physical universe is said to be infinitely expanding outwards. Is there a corresponding and counter-collapsing internal infinity we can to add to the mix to chart a new direction for science? Can we join Edward Lorenz’s discovery of the Butterfly Effect, to Feigenbaum’s calculation of a universal constant, and to Bennoit Mandelbrot’s concept of fractals, to plot an internalized geometry of information as reflected in our own perceptions of nature?

Next week: Who is liable when someone is struck by a thought?


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