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Thought Struck

Being “struck by a thought” is, first of all, an act of contact that is non-conceptual, non-imaginal and non-linguistic. All that stuff is framed later on by the ego. But normally the moment goes by so fast that the shift from contact to content remains unconscious. Recognizing this shift is the beginning of living deliberately.

Ideas just pop into our heads. Or strike us funny, or generate brainstorms. We get struck, hit, inspired, betrayed, weighed down by, bent, colored, illumined, floored, and gob smacked. Since the word “thought” is so handy, like the ambiguous “dude” or “impeach,” nobody wants to be the first to define it.

I realize defining “thought” as another type of matter is tricky, first of all, because we humans reflexively pick only the thoughts that support our theories. Like trixie Hobbitses! In earlier editions I have noted that language-based consciousness is not the same as cognition and should be sharply distinguished from it.

It gets worse. The “mind” is mostly assumed to be a thing, as such, but actually exists as a collection of ripples (aka “vibrations”) in various iterations. But whether these impressions originates from “inside” our mind or “outside,” we can’t think about thought itself without making more ripples.

There are other analogies. Thinking may be like shuffling around a deck of little gravity waves instead of some type of matter you can slice, dice or truck around. One theory says that living things might be organized around micro black holes, around innumerable seeds that existed from the first moments of the Big Bang, the only time making such things is said to be affordable.

A “spiritualized atom” is what Hindu philosophers call it. In Sanskrit the word anu (atom) is a title of the supreme creator or Brahma. The word Brahma literally means “Sacred power, which gives effect” and is said to be the smallest atom. More thinking along these lines can be gleaned from ALLATRA SCIENCE, an all-volunteer international community of scientists who seek to found an independent world science dedicated to the spiritual and intellectual benefit of society.

This is but one explanation for how the soul (god essence) is transmitted eternally forward, winking in and out of birth and death, reaping what it sows. Religion believes that life itself is the organizing force in the cosmos, science does not.

But theories of transmigration aside, let’s say that we do discover what’s making thought weighty enough to gob-smack things around, call it gravity waves, a finer expression of matter or just “electro-chemical energy.” What then?

There’d be problems. We humans, wholly addicted to thinking, have no intention of restraining the mind. Another round of ripples all around! Yet all the saints and sages say that transcending the mind is the goal of the spiritual quest. What they call “illumination” looks a lot like the unconditional and un-manifest equilibrium state that existed previous to the biggest ripple of all, the Big bang. Call it Peace beyond understanding. So basically, “Sit down, stop wiggling and be still.”

Since this is not going to happen anytime soon, a new approach is urgently needed and not just because our current cosmological model can’t source-out a whole lot of gravity. Science needs to be grounded in deeper self-knowledge because the origin of the universe and the origin of consciousness come together. Ask any scientist how body-centered consciousness is linked to matter and you’ll instantly understand why we’ve got problems.

Consider the white blood cell, devouring bacteria, perceiving them and responding accordingly. It is tantamount to saying we have 6,000 conscious entities per cubic millimeter of blood whirling around in our circulatory system- life as reductio ad absurdum. How can that be? Who is in charge here! I got rights!

But wait! This is exactly what a Mandelbrot fractal cascade describes- a plastic recession and preservation of information- a scalar step-down process that happens within a bounded space. Living genes do the same thing. Basic information, like energy, is indestructible. And though we say that “everything is just energy in different forms” this can’t be known apart from observation. “Everything” is fundamentally a creation in consciousness at some level or other.

Information and energy are inseparable, like the light and heat of a flame. Life itself, then, as both information processing and observing elements must be part of our search for both the missing mass and/or ultimate causes.

Take the basic mind as the “I” feeling, or the ego. This “I am” gives rise to the intellect or discriminative faculty. Another stage is the desire/resist mind-function which gets attracted to, or repelled by, outside things through the senses.

Let’s say we get an interesting smell from the House of Representatives. The moment the desiring/repel function records, “I’m getting a fine smell from somewhere” the intellect discriminates “What is that smell? I think it’s cheese. How nice. What kind? American? Yes, it’s American cheese.”

Next, the desire/repel function decides, “Yes, it’s the cheese you enjoy/hate every time you troop out to vote for a binary political monopoly.” Then the basic mind, the ego says. “Oh, is it so? Then I should have some more right now!” These three things happen one at a time, but so quickly that we don’t distinguish between them.

These modifications give rise to the effort to get the cheese. The want was created and, unless you fulfill it by creeping to a booth and eating the cheese, your mind won’t go back to its original peaceful condition. That is our natural condition but these ripples, or modifications of the mind matter, disturb our peace.

I’m not saying all the differences in the outside world are just outcomes of personal mental modifications and mental attitude. I’m saying that the entire universe, outside as physical reality and inside as mind, arises from, is sustained by, and continually dissolves as the body of a single overarching Intelligence.

Look at it this way. We earthlings feel imprisoned by gravity waves and anxiously wait to get outside these walls. But what about our alien wardens? Are they not like us? Even though they let themselves in and out of our space time every night, crop-circling us willy-nilly, every morning you see them back here on the job.

They love to come here and we’d love to get out. The gravity is the same. To them Earth’s a place to work and earn, not a prison like it is to us. It is the mental attitude. Just because we can’t break the gravitational walls at will and they can doesn’t mean we can’t change our attitude. Maybe, for starters, we should reform and purify our relationship to this home planet before we rush off to trash Mars.

So, to gain control over the thought forms and change them as they want, is to master the outside world as well. Humans can make Earth a heaven or hell according to the approach. That is why science should first be based on controlling the human mind. Physics, without introducing some kind of “anthropology of the Subject,” will remain at an impasse.

If we control the mind, make it clean and make it still, we have controlled gravity waves at the minutest source. Then there is nothing in this world to bind us and a technology of inner/outer exploration will proceed together.

Gravity waves are produced by anything that moves. These ripples in space/time are so minute we couldn’t detect them biologically except with our sense organs which mediate the ongoing process of electro-magnetic collapse the quantum level. It’s how we perceive the world and everything in it. Could our mind detect and navigate gravity waves something like the way migratory birds ‘sense’ Earth’s magnetic fields?

Take the power of sight. It operates through matter, through a physical expression as the eyes. Last March I outlined an exercise where colors can be “seen” through the fingers and you can google “seeing through the tongue” human to prove that the eye doesn’t see any more than the physical brain thinks. And since the mind, like the eye, may be operating at a quantum level, might we be already operating with gravity waves without realizing it?

The fast way to find etheric patterns lying beyond our normal reference points is, first of all, to stop all influence from outside light. After several days in complete darkness a neuro-chemical cascade reaches a saturation point, operates at near 100% capacity. Since 8-12% is the usual norm, light deprivation generates a unique range of mind functioning that cannot be achieved, much less navigated, in any other way.

After 49 days in the lightless journey room, higher modalities of neurochemical functioning become hardwired through migratory stem cell neuroplasticity. This is not a trivial suggestion in our search for missing gravitational causes. I’d like to send in reports from the frontier as soon as a journey room facility can be arranged. Consider me the consciousness correspondent.


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