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Quantum Honey-Dos

We get mail.

Dear Medium,

Mr. Medium I have a complaint. You printed my letter (Herald, November 14th-ed.) and I quote: “Your husband will warm to brighter shades of gray the minute he stops forcing everything into the simplistic black and whites of reason. Put new frames on those tired old glasses! Revive his interest by adding physics to your list of home life satisfactions!”

Well, I’ll have you know that he’s out there brush-hogging our neighbors’ fencerows and babbling about ‘missing dark matter.’ And he’s flashing old Star Trek references in church! There’re already concerns that he’s exhibiting mild memory loss due to aging, Ok?

Fortunately, I know all about the Dutch success in teleporting atomic level information with diamond spin qubits from a story. Now that Mr. Spock and I are talking again and cleaning the litter box is squarely on his little to-do list, I want to hear what you have to say about this domestication-warp, seeing as how you are responsible. And why not substitute graphene, a two dimensional conductive plane? I’m shocked, but not surprised, that this form of carbon conductor didn’t occur to you, or them. Seems more versatile to me.

Second, I worry that you’re always hyping the alien’s quantum supremacy and this may lead readers to experience a let-down like the one that plagued the field of artificial intelligence from the ‘70’s until the current decade, when new technology caught up with aspiration. The extraordinary, logic-defying capabilities most commonly associated with UFO’s may be changing our perspective on things, world-in-peril-kind-of-thing. But if we are only one creative algorithm away from valuable near-term applications like home defense ray guns etc., then on what basis do you claim humans can match all this technology with analogous (or latent) bio-capabilities? Is dark matter hiding in a parallel universe, or not? I’m waiting.

Signed, Save the Polar Bears.

Dear Polar Bears:

Ms. Polar Bears, you have no complaint. Patience is the watch word. Give Hubby the elbow room he needs to discover his inner physicist.

Brush-hogging the neighborhood is just a heroic phase, not a cry for help! “But, but Medium!” you’re thinking. “What about the iconic 1977 movie classic where Richard Dreyfuss can’t get the image of Devil’s Tower out of his head and sculpts it out of mashed potatoes. He drives his wife and kids away! Shouldn’t I be the one to decide that?”

No, and you need to recall Soviet physicist A. Logunov’s heated suggestion to UNESCO that “some special international agreement should be created for expelling General Relativity Theory (GRT) from research as having nothing to do with natural sciences.” Today, all kinds of scientists are calling the “Unsolved Problems in Special and General Relativity” (Florintin Smarandach 2013) a “requiem” for all GRT’s.

The public’s not being informed about this completely revolting development and the textbooks are pure idiocy. But why rock the boat? The value assigned to missing dark matter, maybe up to 95% of what’s holding everything together, pales to how much money it costs to float empty projects like Large Hadron Colliders and such because, as the researchers contend as L. G. Sapogin and colleagues wrote, “amazed people will listen to these breathtaking stories about parallel universes, wormholes, the teleportation of large objects, traveling in time, horizontal events and other stuff like this.”

So what’s a little more tractor fuel?

As a mother, you look into those young and innocent eyes so full of confidence and faith, and realize that it’s your lot in life to draw a final line in the GRT discussion. Cite French scientist L. Brillouin “The conclusion is that no experimental facts exist that would confirm the mathematically cumbersome theory by Einstein. Everything done after Einstein provides mathematically complicated generalization, additions or modifications not supported by experimentation. Science fiction in the area of cosmology is, frankly speaking, a very interesting but hypothetical thing.” [Sapogin, L.G., Dzhanibekov, V.A., Moкulsky, M.A., Ryabov, Yu.A., Savin, Yu.P. and Utchastkin, V.I. (2015) About the Conflicts between the Unitary Quantum Theory and the Special and General Relativity Theories. Journal of Modern Physics, 6, 780-785.]

Tell them it’s like coffee is good for you, then it’s bad, and then it’s good and so on.

In the same way, a bush hog’s an obvious stand-in for single surface rotating in complex geometries. Think Mobius strip, but take it up to 2, 3,4, and six fold interacting symmetries. I’d bet that Hubby is already calling his ideas a “Unified Quantum Theory (UQT).”

He’s out there thrashing weeds only because some neighbor’s loudly claiming any theory is existentially useless if not supported by appropriate experimentation. As ‘head of the household’ your spouse feels pressured to make some conservative assertions regarding a theoretical repulsive force that counteracts gravity and causes the Universe to expand at an accelerating rate. When he is ready to come out with his theory, find a local support group that can do the math.

Signed, Medium

* * * * *

It’s tough to wake up and realize that causal paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics are no longer “paradoxes” but normal phenomena in nature. And all this is coming just as a coordinated “soft release” campaign is hinting that alien “collusion” has been around for a very long time. Our logical framework of causality in both quantum and classical physics seem ludicrous because the aliens advanced technology can’t be interpreted in the GRT. It gets worse.

Our need to keep expanding profits at the speed of light requires that voters demand more and more spending for putting up new shows. It’s not time to haul down the flags, but the fact is that the political viability of any idea is determined by the quantity of people feeding on it, not by science or need-to-know per se.

The Russian physicist Khrennikov claims that any knowledge we gain about nature involves not only sensory observation but also requires the power of our mind and this takes both logical and transcendental reasoning. The simplified “two matter theory” I’m presenting is a real thing in my head even if there’s no literature for it yet. But my use of everyday language to expose and then exercise applicable relations at the causal level of the mind may be new.

The task is to introduce a technology of mind-shifting exercises that prove our biological capacities while not requiring a controlling hierarchy based on monetized belief systems. Needed is an owner’s handbook that can be individually pursued or in small groups that and can spread virally. That’s actual liberty, friends. Otherwise it’s just more of the same.

Unlike the scientists I quote, I’ve spent considerable time and effort eliminating the math from my theory. That’s new, plus I am willing to experiment on myself and report the results. Morbid curiosity alone should keep readers on the edge of their seats. “Teneat dolor meus (et hanc)!” That’s science lingo for “hold my beer (and watch this).” Herald subscriptions would be a bargain at even twice the rates.

The challenge is to describe and master the evolution of complex processes that continuously breakthrough, or ‘unroll” into life as our “everyday reality.” It’s about transcending our repetitious “certainties” about material reality, not to keep amplifying them through disproven theories.

Potentiality, actuality and non-separability- normal quantum level stuff- need to apply to macroscopic interactive processes! Let’s set aside our quantum formalisms, for starters. Quantum Unification (QU) concepts now include a “third domain” of science, one that involves a “logical” system grounded in the ontological dualities of nature. That means a science that includes the observer.

Oh, and Polar Bears. It may be the idea that he’s organized around a micro black hole is eating him up. Try suggesting the Kitty Litter screen is a powered-up two slit electron separator and watch temperaments improve!

And on a deeply personal note, if you want to substitute graphene, a two dimensional conductive plane, the question immediately arises: smooth or crinkly edges? Think tiny Bucky balls produced at large scales for preventing crop circles.


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